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Losing friends is a lot easier than making them. College will provide you with so many opportunities to make new acquaintances, but who has what it takes to earn that coveted position in your heart? Is it the girl from orientation that even had the president chuckling in his seat? The gay boy who keeps you in check with your fashion? Maybe it’s the quiet, nice girl who let you borrow her book the first day of class. Friendship, as you should know by now, is not so black and white. It takes time to build those relationships. But whomever you do decide to let into your heart, make sure they are loyal, honest, and respect you and your wishes. And when a friendship does dissolve (which some will), accept it for what it is. Treasure those fond memories, be polite in passing, but understand that people grow apart. Not everyone gets a front row seat in your life. Of course, some will. And those friends, those ride-or-dies: keep them close and never forget to SHOW them how much you appreciate them.

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